President’s Message


It is a distinct honor to greet you on behalf of Florida A&M University and The Florida A&M University Broward County Alumni Chapter.

Each of us has been blessed with unique and individual skill sets and expertise that will allow us to serve as a center of influence in our community. As a Chapter, we represent FAMU’s ever-growing alumni community. Our membership strives to build up the University’s identity, spirit and loyalty through recruitment and community service. The Broward County Alumni Chapter members are dedicated to advancing the goals and missions to support the continued existence of Florida A&M University:

  • Raising and giving funds to the University that will support its programs Recruiting students that will attend the University
  • Recruiting alumni and others that will support the University and its goals, through membership in the Association.
  • Perpetuating a positive image of the Association and the University.
  • Influencing communities and governmental activities that will support the University’s priorities.

Meeting every 2nd Saturday
Osswald Park
2220 NW 21
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

Come join a group of enthusiastically energized and motivated Alumni working to strategize the transitioning of our Alma Mater into a New Era.

Thank You for Your Support
FAMU Broward County Alumni Chapter


2016-2018 Chapter Officers

Apryl Freeman
Mary Rivers
1st Vice President
Patricia Shaw
2nd Vice President
Natasha Britton
Recording Secretary
Adrien Alexander
Corresponding Secretary
Marye Shelton
Financial Secretary
Mary Smith
Herman Pittman
John Wimberly
Bobby Henry
Public Relations
David Nuby

Committee Chairpersons

Laura Richardson
Community Out-Reach
Mary Rivers
John Wimberly
Dr. Torrin Goodrum
Governmental Affairs
Barbara Freeman
Millicent Thorpe

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