The Purpose of the Broward County Scholarship Foundation is to provide scholarship funds to, financially deserving, men and women planning to attend Florida A&M University.
The FAMU NAA Broward Alumni Chapter will award non-renewable and renewable scholarships to students from Broward County attending Florida A & M University.
The names of the scholarship winners will be announced after review of all applications and completion of the interview process. All applicants will be notified by mail and/or during their high school awards night program.
All scholarship funds will be awarded directly to Florida A&M University upon proof of admission, enrollment, and/or documentation received from the University.
Primary consideration will be given to students who demonstrate a financial need for the scholarship(s) funds. Consideration will be supplemented by completion of ALL requirements and final interview.*
*All eligible high school applicants will be interviewed by a panel before a selection is made.
Awards will be made without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion or national origin.

2017 Scholarship Fact Sheet

Note:  All recipients must enroll in fall semester of graduation year.


  • Must be a Broward County resident
  • Must Be a high school senior currently enrolled in a Broward County public or private school including virtual and homeschooling.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 upon graduation.
  • Be a U..S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Submit a current sealed official transcript
  • Submit two (2) letters of reference. (From non-relatives). One reference letter must be provided from a  faculty member at your school or institution (example: Teacher, Guidance or BRACE). Reference letters MUST be signed by recommending person.
  • Submit a professional wallet size photo (Head shot only, non -proof) or an official passport photo.  NO EXCEPTION.  (Passport photo may be taken at your local postal service or available pharmacy)
  • Hard copy of student ACT or SAT scores.
  • Submit a hard copy of student ‘s FAFSA application.  If financial information is not reported on FAFSA, student must submit family’s most recent Tax Return)
  • Submit proof of acceptance to Florida A & M University. ( Bring to Interview)
  • Submit a typed essay (1000 words or less) on the following prompt:
    “What are your future educational goals and how will this scholarship aid in attaining these goals?“
It is recommended to use standard 12-point simple font (such as Times New Roman or Arial and double spacing in constructing your essay.


Candidates must have reachable contact information (i.e. phone number, local address, etc.), as indicated on the scholarship application.  Unreachable contact information will result in your application being denied.

  1. Deadline: Application must be postmarked by May 1, 2017. Any applications received after this date will NOT be considered. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Required Interview (candidates will be notified of scheduled dates).
  3. Interview: Please wear BUSINESS ATTIRE to your required interview. (NO JEANS, NO SHORTS)
  4. Scholarship recipients will be announced the day of Senior Awards Night. Contact your BRACE Advisor for scheduled dates. (Bring date to the interview).
  5. For more information please call (954)532-0673
  6. Applications may be mailed to:

    Florida A&M University Broward Alumni Chapter
    P.O. Box 9487
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33310





The School of Law Benjamin L. Lampkins Scholarship was established by the Florida A & M University National Alumni Association, Inc., Broward County Alumni Chapter to support students with the cost of studying at Florida A & M University School of Law.




  1. The purpose of this Scholarship is to provide financial support to students  attending  Florida A & M University School of Law.


  1. The School of Law Scholarship will be awarded in accordance with the following criteria:


  • Applicant must be a graduate of Florida A & M University
  • Must be a full time Law School Student who has performed well  based upon the minimum requirements of the School of Law with a 2.5 GPA or higher or an applicant for the upcoming academic term.
  • The personal and financial circumstances of applicants will also be considered


  1. The Scholarship is available to Broward County residents ONLY.  If there is no applicant from Broward County, the scholarship may be available to a student from the State of Florida at the discretion of the Broward County Alumni Chapter. 


  1. Applicant should submit an application form, official sealed transcript , two letters of reference of which one must be from a Professor or Law School Dean,  and a one page summary  outlining their personal  and financial circumstances.   


  1. To be eligible to receive the Benjamin L. Lampkin Scholarship, the candidate must be  currently  enrolled  full time at the FAMU School of Law.  The total value of the ward is $1500.00. The scholarship will be awarded in tow equal sums in August and January.  The scholarship will only be disbursed to the student according to FAMU policies and procedure, and that absolutely under no circumstances will checks be made payable directly to a student, parent or guardians.   Payments of installments are subject to the scholarship recipient’s continued enrollment and satisfactory progress in the program.


  1. If any candidate declines the scholarship, the Broward County Alumni Chapter reserves the right to allocate the scholarship to another candidate.  The scholarship must be accepted in the year for which it is offered.


  1. Any incomplete application will not be considered.  Application Deadline :  MARCH 31 of each year the scholarship is offered.




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